Berrypicking in northern sweden 2011

Stop for berry pickers from Thailand! Sweden

Due to new rules launched by the Swedish government for manpower companies that for many years sent workers to Sweden, very few pickers are expected to arrive from outside the EU this year.The difference is that when you as a EU citizen come to Sweden, pick berries, and sell them, these berries are considered a commodity.When pickers come from a non EU country and selling these berries it is considered as work, and therefore due to taxes and social security payment in Sweden.

What does this mean to you?

Wholesalers and berry companies are interested in buying all berries picked. The development for the last couple of years has been quite positive concerning price level for picked berries, and should for this coming season be able to give a good income for berry picking.

With what can we help?

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2. Help with accomodation.
3. Coordinate journey to sweden with others from your area.
4. Help with practical questions before and during your stay,such as lodging for groups at camping sites and other kind of living, as well as rent of cars if so needed.